Our Personalized Irrigation and Landscaping Services

We offer lawn irrigation and landscape services customized to your needs. Our professionals make sure your irrigation or drainage system is as optimized and efficient as possible, for a beautiful, harmonious, healthy outdoor environnment.

Sprinkler Systems

When you water your lawn or landscape every drop needs to count. The irrigation system that will work best for your property depends on your location, landscape requirements, and plants. Our sprinkler experts will analyze your property and design the best system for your needs — whether spray, in-ground, or a rotor system — then install the system carefully for long-lasting results.

We offer both residential and commercially installed irrigation and sprinkler systems, plus a variety of commercial lawn sprinklers in Dallas for larger irrigation systems. Whether you need replace missing nozzles, repair pipe leaks, and unclog sprinkler heads, or you need a team to address sprinkler system design issues, we can help. A properly installed and optimized sprinkler systems , balanced by strategic drainage systems delivers maximum watering care and a green show place.


A smart North Texas landscape is:

Beautiful…Its attractiveness exudes health. A variety of colors, textures and sizes draws you in.
Maintainable…It doesn’t demand excess time or resources. Upkeep is simple.
Sustainable…It thrives come rain or shine. It can withstand the ups and downs of North Texas weather.

Land Renovation will create a lawn or landscape that is all three of these things, drawing upon years of experience and understanding of native plants and soils, an art that blends creativity and technical knowledge. We emphasize solutions that are low maintenance, eco-friendly & Sustainable, and full of added value. We use high quality material and equipment, along with professional expertise to go above and beyond and really transform your outdoor space. Whether you are looking to eliminate pests from your backyard, upgrade your outdoor lighting, or add design aspects such as flower beds, you can count on us to get the job done right. And once the plants are in the ground, we make sure they stay healthy with landscaping maintenance. This critical component ensures your outdoor space is safe and pest free.

Drip Irrigation

Water restrictions are increasingly the norm around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Although necessary, they are inconvenient – and expensive if you violate your local ordinances. Drip irrigations are the solution, as their increased efficiency and earth-friendliness make them exempt from the usual watering restrictions.

Drip irrigation systems precisely deliver required water directly to the root system of plants. No water is wasted or evaporates before your plants get the opportunity to truly flourish. Drip irrigation systems are up to 97% efficient when correctly designed and installed by authorized irrigation suppliers. Land Renovation can convert your existing sprinkler system to drip lines or have a whole new drip irrigation system designed and installed tailored to your landscape layout and demands.


With Texas’s well-known extremes of drought and rain, proper drainage for yards and landscape is essential. It’s all to easy over time to end up with patches of turf that are marshy while others always suffer for water. Land Renovation can restore your lawn to peak health and beauty, while providing impressive water efficiency with minimal work on your end. We offer custom lawn drain installation services tailored to both residential or commercial property landscapes.

The type of soil around your property garden has a major impact on how water drains. High-clay soil in particular often has inadequate drainage. We’ll evaluate your soil conditions, the position of your home or business, the type and location of sprinklers, existing and planned plantings, as apart of a drainage improvement plan specific to your site and needs. Whether a garden, farm, office park, or yard, our lawn drainage systems not only save you precious water, they save you money too, while improving the value of your property.